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The Curse of the Nagas

Nagas are the most divine creatures according to Hinduism. Are the stories about their divinity and strength of their curse just another myth?

The Curses can be quite many. Quoting an old Sloka,

“Gurudeva dwijah athyugrah
Jathakam Bhidyathe nyoonam
No chethathal prathikriya”

Guru (Teacher), “Deva” (God), “Brahmana” (Priest), Black Magic, “Sarpashapa” (Naga curse) will make the one having them not experience any good tidings upon themselves. Among these, the Curse of the “Nagas” is the most potent.

The “Nagas” have always played an important role in the Indian Culture. Humans always get to dream about reaching highest tiers in their life, style etc. and this dream or thought represented by “Nagas”.

The reader must understand this before proceeding any further that is, All “Nagas” are snakes but all snakes are not “Nagas”.

The westerners consider “Nagas” as enemies since the first woman of the universe, Eve was influenced to eat the fruit of evil by none other than the Naga as per their belief. Adam and Eve didn't have the relationship of a couple before. The seed of humanity was planted then. If God is the one who had created life on earth, the prospering of such life was brought about by none other than the Naga. If we are to consider that, Naga is a servant of God. The ones who are ignorant about the basics of life considers Naga as the pawn of the devil. The culture of ancient India aka “Bharatha” considered “Nagas” as heavenly hence we can see the sculptures depicting “Nagas” in ancient monuments and the likes. The “Nagas” have played an important role in the evolution of humans and hence they can't be considered as a mere pawn of the devil. If God hadn't willed that the humanity should prosper, he wouldn't have let Eve be influenced by the Naga and thus if the life is the creation of God, “Nagas” just carried out his will.

The earth inhabited by the “Nagas” were lent to the humans with certain norms as per the request of Lord “Parasurama” which were worshipped as the “Sarppakkavu” and the likes. This had been acting as an energy source for seeding the generations till now. The ones who are having issues of progeny may be part of the family who might've destroyed or neglected such sacred places of worship.

How the “Nagas” curse?

Curse is sort of like a reaction. Including humans, all of the living beings has this reaction. Like for example, if somebody makes our mind hurt so much it would lead to setting up a reactionary force in our mind which may end up harming the other party who has hurt us.

Does “Nagas” have a mind like humans? It’s something beyond me to confirm. I have lots of "kavus" in my hometown and associated worships and not once did the presence of “Nagas” did cause any hindrance in any manner. And if one were to wish strongly, the “Nagas” can be seen.

The dominance of earth itself is in the hands of the “Nagas” as per various books. Maybe that's why the karmas involved in the establishment of cornerstones in a construction involves worshipping the Naga gods. The “Naga” worship is different from the normal worships to Gods. “Naga” Gods have come to many a family who has been righteous. One thing is certain, the ones who had neglected the worshipping of the mentioned had come to misfortunes. And I've seen many an unfortunate family whose generations were cursed owing to this.

I've been asked by most as to whether they have to worship the places who wasn't established by them. The answer to this is yes. Supposedly an owner of a place is having a “Naga”, a cat, a dog and an elephant. Upon him leaving that place, the elephant and the dog will follow since they maintain close relationship with the owner and the cat and the Naga would be staying since they are ones who maintains close relationship with the place rather. And it is said that the almighty had given them the powers to curse as they are the symbols for the Anger and Wish.

The “Naga” related matter in the horoscope had always sent me back to the past to an unbelievable worship history in relation to that. And whenever I went after the same owing to my curiosity it had always led me to the sight of old prestigious worship places which had been long abandoned. I'm sure the powers which lead me there are none other than the “Naga” Gods. The “Naga” related matter in the horoscope had always sent me back to the past to an unbelievable worship history in relation to that. And whenever I went after the same owing to my curiosity it had always led me to the sight of old prestigious worship places which had been long abandoned. I'm sure the powers which lead me there are none other than the “Naga” Gods. The “Naga” related matter in the horoscope had always sent me back to the past to an unbelievable worship history in relation to that. And whenever I went after the same owing to my curiosity it had always led me to the sight of old prestigious worship places which had been long abandoned. I'm sure the powers which lead me there are none other than the “Naga” Gods.

In the horoscopes, the Houses 6, 8 and 12 are said to be the bad ones (Dusthanam). The Naga in the Houses 6 and 12 shows the curse. That curse should be determined and provisions for resolving it can be set up using "Prashnamargam" and "Kavidi" (Horary Astrology). Those having the Sarppadosham may have diseases like Infertility, Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema and other skin diseases. If the medicines aren't resolving the same, an astrologer should be consulted and the resolving means as prescribed. In the subject of the pregnancy, the "Beejadosham" and the "Kshethtradosham" are important. If we are to delve deep into the reasons behind those, we'd find the "Sarppadosham as invisible reason behind. The women having the Sarppadosham would be having various ailments related to the abdomen, Uterus and even the menstrual cycle. Reading the above, we can see how much affect the curse will have upon people and as to how serious it is.

Rahu on 4th House will make the affected experience loss of higher studies, the rotting of character. The controller of mind is the moon. If the Naga is close to the moon, the affected will be thinking in twisted ways. The upside down thoughts, rebelliousness, illogical thoughts etc. will be the characteristics of the affected. The affected will thus bring not only themselves towards ruination but the people who gets to be associated with them too.

Like the norms of not constructing homes in specific sides of the "Devaprathistas", the 4 sides of the "Nagas" shouldn't have any construction within a certain range. For the "Nagas" have eyes in the 4 directions. Unlike other Hindu Idols the Idols of Naga shouldn’t be fixed to the base using Ashtabandha (a binder substance). The "Nagas" are the symbol of divinity. And exactly owing to this that the "Naga" get to be the necklace of "Mahadeva" the Lord of Gods. If anyone is to shame such either knowingly or unknowingly, "Sarppakopam" will be affecting them. The life is based on the habits. And the role of the "Nagas" in that is big. Owing to that, pray well to the almighty for not having the "Sarppakopam" for that is a curse which tend to follow generations. If the Rahu is in the 7th "Bhava", it seemingly shows the accidental death of the affected in the past life. If the Rahu is at the "Bhadha" state, "Sarppadosham" is confirmed.

In a horoscope, 5th "Bhava" is used for thinking about the past lives and the positions. If the Rahu is positioned at this "Bhava" the postion of "Rahu" in the past life should be at the "Lagna". The solutions should be determined after confirming the state of the "Rahu". If the "Rahu" has relationship with Jupiter it is said to be the "UthamaNaga (Maninagam)", or if it has relationship with Moon then it is "AdhamaNagam (Karinagam)", or if the relationship is with Saturn, it is “Kallurutti Sarppam”, and If Venus, then it is “PulluvaNaga”, and if Sun, then it is “Nagaraja”, and if the “Rahu” gets the full connection with the Moon and Mars, it is “Nagayakshi” etc, are the various ordained curses and once confirmed, the solutions for the same should be carried along with “Nagabali”, “Palppayasahomam”, Rahu's Namaskara Manthra "Om kayanaschithra aa bhuva bhoothi sadavridha..." should be prayed 8 times kneeling down on the north-east side. For “UthamaNaga dosha”, the golden sculpture of the Naga and the eggs are the solution. To decide the number, an astrologer should be consulted.

If the “Rahu” is in the 4th house, The “Chithrakuda” should be made and the associated Karmas are to be done. If the “Rahu” is at the “Lagna” or 7th house, "Noorumpalum" Vazhipadu should be carried out. For the “Nagadosha” at the 12th house, “Pulluvan pattu”, The “Sarppam thullal” after drawing the “kalam” etc. should be done.

Various activities like, shaming, destruction of the “Sarppakkavus” by subsidiary activities like cutting the trees, the destruction of “sarppaputtu” (Snake Hillock), destruction of its eggs, the killing of the “Nagas” etc are the main reasons for the anger of the same. The pinpointing of the exact “dosha” can only be determined by a competent horary (Kavadi) astrologer. If all the “Papa grahas” are in the center, it is called “Nagayoga” and the one having this “yoga” will be poor, with health issues, without a good character and the likes. If the property for construction is to be divided into 9, the 5th one is said to be the "Sarppaveethi" and the house coming in this will lead to the "Nagabhaya". If one were to observe the ones born in the Sarppadrekkana, amazing things can be learnt. (Sarppadrekkanam - Vrishchikam – 1st Drekkanam, Karkkidakam – 2nd Drekkanam, Meenam – 3rd Drekkanam). Sarppathapam, manu janmam etc are acknowledgeable things and is under the divine will. Like the Naga coming for us after centuries - Naga: Sheerithe" meaning the Naga slithers or flies.

Our earth rests on the thousand headed Anantha who has unlimited prowess and is omnipresent as the power waves. The mutual attraction between the planets, the strength of nature, the humans, the powers of sound, energy, the divine prowess, the powers of “deva” sculptures etc. are flowing around as waves. The power waves from the “deva” sculptures comes to the faithful like a slithering “Naga”. The waves of power acts on the universe quite chaotically and keeps mutual attractions between everything in the universe. Our earth stands at the head of those waves like others. Owing to this, the universe gets to be stable forever. If not for this, the universe won't be existing even. The old sages of “Bharatha” understood all these. The humans worship this power as God. In the borders of temples, the “kavus” and the “Naga devas” are present. In the old settlements, the ponds and “kavus” synced with nature were available. The Old kerala traditions, the smell of soil which was brought about beautifully by the “Nagathanpattus”, “Sarppam thullal” etc are old nostalgic memories except for the rare occurrences in the village areas. For the stability of nature, the “Kavus” and the ponds are a necessity. And they are a beauty to behold too.

The thoughts of Gods and associated by the creative minds and thoughts had always given beauty to the Kerala and it’s traditions and even the whole of “Bharatha” in itself. Our ancestral sages had a close relationship with nature where they loved and worshipped the same under divinity. And it’s high time that we get to follow that path of being one with the nature respecting the same as it is.

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